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Why is a custom CRM a must-have for your business?

Digital transformation empowers your business to become proactive, helps managers make informed decisions, and provides employees the right tools and the proper environment to perform. As a key part of the digital transformation process, custom CRM solutions eliminate the bottlenecks from internal and external processes and place sales, marketing, and customer management on a unitary and coherent workflow.

Already have a standard CRM, and you want to optimize and customize it?

Working with a standard CRM may bring several limitations, and the tools integrated into the solution may not respond to your company’s specific needs. Let’s analyze your challenges and identify the custom solution that is the right fit for your business!

Need to develop a custom and intuitive CRM solution for your business?

Working with disparate data sources and multiple external tools can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Start developing a custom CRM solution for streamlining your processes, promote your offers, gain customers’ trust and increase your sales!
Types of features that can be integrated into CRM
Sales automation

Custom features for streamlining the sales workflows and efficiently managing several sales items (products, pricing, etc.).

CRM integration

CRM integration with internal (e.g., internal websites, portals) or/and external apps (ERP, CMS, email, etc.)

Marketing automation

Custom features for covering main activities: from email automation to promotions (e.g., SMS) and social posting.

Customer service automation

Smart customer management for customizing the communication, filtering clients by several criteria, and tracking their behavior.

Collaborative features

Dedicated features for streamlining the internal communication, workflows, and processes.


Custom reports and dynamic data (e.g., charts) regarding sales efficiency, customers’ behavior, and marketing activities’ impact.

Company-specific features

Developing features for solving specific challenges/covering specific needs in your company.

How can we help (CRM software development)?

As a dedicated software development teams provider, we work with clients in various stages of their companies’ evolution. Some are building custom CRM software for the first time, while others are interested in extending their existing ones or refreshing their functionalities.

Our focus is to deliver complete and flexible solutions by providing you with the services that fit your needs: from IT business consultancy to CRM software development, data migration, CRM integration, business analysis, QA, support & maintenance.

Technologies we use for CRM development

ASP.NET Web API, Nancy FX, MSSQL, Elasticsearch, Memory cache, Redis, RabbitMQ, SignalR, PRTG, Octopus, Quartz.NET, MySQL, ReactJS, Docker, Google Maps API, RxJava, Retrofit, Firebase, Dagger2, Glide, PHP, Laravel, Lumen, MySQL, Vue.JS

Our CRM development process


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